5 Steps to Turn your Viewer into a Reader

5 Steps To Turn Your Viewer Into A Reader

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I recently was told about this NPR April fool’s joke article, titled “Why doesn’t America read anymore.” Aiming to poke fun at people who comment on posts without actually reading them! It’s a real thing. Check out the results!

For Content creators like you and I this is very interesting. We are in the biz of getting people to see our content. How many of those page views are actually reading it? It’s something that has yet to be measured in analytics. Do we really want readers, or viewers? Are they one in the same? And does the difference really matter? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

User experience and time management…

In our day-to-day hustle, time management is key. When reading a post on a lunch break you want to make sure you spend your precious time on something that is of interest to you. Nothing more, nothing less! You optimize your viewing subconsciously. It is an amazing skill to have to quickly grasp what you read.

With the easily accessible entertainment provided by cell phones, we have managed to lock in habits of viewing in order to get to the good stuff faster!


Tracking eye movement on the web 

It is so exciting to think that science has allowed us to track eye movement to further understand design. My heart jumps when I think of what Nielsen Norman Group is doing to understand this and they share their findings with us! Go there and bookmark it and come back! I won’t repeat the content here, but I will highlight some to entice you:

Show numbers as numerals: “It’s better to use ’23’ than ‘twenty-three’ to catch users’ eyes”

Fancy formatting: “Users ignored a key area because it resembled a promotion.”

Using photos of people: “The user spent 10% more time viewing the portrait photos than reading the biographies.”

I could go on for days, but go bookmark it and thank me later!

Okay, now what is your experience? Again, comment below! I find this so fascinating!

Action Steps for Bloggers:

  1. Exercise your user experience muscle – Next time you view a blog that you love, notice where you focus your attention!
  2. Optimize your post for skimming, NOT reading – as a courtesy to your readers when building a blog post try to highlight the key points so that they can scan your article quickly. They may pin/bookmark and read it later. For now, give viewers the gift of extra time!
  3. Format posts with consistency – Build up your viewer’s ability to absorb your content by formatting posts with consistency. Let them know what to expect from your blog and give them tools to easily recognize content that is of value to them! Building that behavior will help create loyal readers, because it will enhance their experience by saving them time and effort.
  4. Gain trust – If a viewer trusts that content will be good they will be more likely to actually become a reader. A few things that will help subconsciously lead them towards trust: Quality graphics, proper writing, and links to other websites.
  5. Deliver on what you promise – While buzzwords and catchy tag lines have their place in marketing, if you don’t have the material that supports the buzz you may lose readers before you even acquire them! By actually telling people what you are  going to deliver on within your article you can form a relationship without ever speaking with them.

Now let me know, how did I do? Did you read it?
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