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Hey guys! I’ve decided to profile some social media techniques for boosting your side hustle. One of my friends recently joined LuLaroe. I’ve known many people who sell various products: Doterra, Scentsy, etc. There are people who are really utilizing social media to ramp up their reach and find new customers. I want to make it really easy for people with a #sidehustle to get started properly in social media. We’re going to case study a few of the many people who are doing really well on the various platforms.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Put Yourself Out There in Video

Every woman has a unique style that is unlike any other. EVEN when you’re selling the same clothing. For example, there are 2,480 channels on youtube that include the word “LuLaroe.” There are also so many people searching for fall fashion on youtube right now. People want your leggings, they just may not live next door. So jump on youtube and make a “Fall Fashion 2016” video. Make sure you use tags and write a description! The more information you fill out, the easier it will be to find you.

Not sure about Youtube? Take inspiration from the following. Literally, just scrolling through these snapshots taken from their videos might give you an idea!

Monica Arce


Joelle Day


Table of 6


Anna Matos


Golden Gate Lularoe By Mary Pendleton


Michelle Driver


Tiffany Cook




Lindsey Wheeler


Kendra Pratt


Betsy Thompson


Normal, beautiful women who look really happy doing what they’re doing! This last picture Betsy is wearing a maxi skirt as a scarf!! Hell yeah!

Was that not enough?? Still afraid to jump on the youtube train? Here are more reasons to! LuLaroe’s With Over 1000+ Subs and look at how many videos they have!!??!???!?!?

2. Instablog about it!

Instagram is also a micro blogging platform. An image with a story can go a long way and can be a good starting point for seeing if there is interest in starting a blog down the road. Here are some #LuLaroe instagramers doing it right!

Instagram is awesome for showing off sales and what not, but you have to make it look organic and not spammy. I personally believe that you don’t need a separate account to start posting your Lularoe on. I found these guys because I searched for LuLaroe. It just is a matter of how you want to market to your audience. I would much rather be like “Hey friends, check me out looking cute in my new LuLaroe!” and include selfie. However, you can curate fashion looks and really use it as a store of your own.

Free Software to Boost Your Biz


Gimp is free image editing software. I’m downloading it now and it’s taking a while. I actually had trouble opening it so here are some tips for Mac users.

Use the control + click to choose “Open” If this doesn’t work go to your applications > system preferences > Security & Privacy and then hit “Open Anyway”

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-9-34-36-am screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-9-34-02-am

Okay now we’re in and as a special thank you for reading this post I’ve created a social media Lularoe inspired border pack! Perfect for layering on top of your instagram photos. Let me know if you would like to see a video on how to use these in GIMP!

If you use these you do not have to link back, but please follow me on Instagram!


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