You’ve chosen to be happy and I am so glad to have you here. I ask you to focus on happiness first so that you can create a baseline to refer back to. Knowing what it feels like to be happy means that you can keep asking yourself if the choices you make in life will lead you towards more happiness.

Want a quick fix?

Looking for a dose of happiness? There are puppies for you on the right. Once you’ve lifted your spirits, come on back and let’s get into the deep work to develop a happier life.

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eBooks on Happiness

Silence Your Inner Critic, Digital Workbook – $29

I’ve started creating the products I needed during my years as an animation student. Starting with one of the most important! As you learn to be more critical of your art, make sure you also learn how to control your critical voice. Learn when to use it and when it’s time to shut it off. Figure out how to shift the focus of the mind. Follow activities that help you find the reasons why you are happy with your art and allow more happiness to surround your work!

Too Inspired to Sleep, eBook & Printable Pages – $29

An eBook with journaling prompts to help you store the ideas that come to you when you lay down at night. How to keep them safe and contain them so that you get get some rest too!