Installing SumoMe Took 30 Minutes

I’d been hearing about SumoMe for a while now and for whatever reason decided to time the process from google search to finish.

30 mins 53.25 seconds

So from start to finish on my WordPress blog, I had it done in that amount of time.

Why did it take so long?

There are a lot of fun options to play with and trust me you are going to want to check them all out. In this amount of time I got a little opt-in pop up going on (yes I know, I’m sorry! But also not, because it is a cool course I’m offering with a limited time for displaying the pop-up). Got some google analytics on there, the buttons, and image sharing options. Had to play around with placement and everything to make sure I liked where it was. And when all that was said & done I remembered I was timing and wham, bam, just like that it was all set up!

So there is no reason to wait as long as I did. MONTHS. To install this on your blog. Everything is guided and really easy to figure out!

Go get it: SumoMe

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