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Why have a money mindset mentor? As artists we all have taken steps towards banishing the idea of the starving artist. This is just one of many mindset blocks that we probably have in common. However, we as individuals also have our own unique blocks that can prevent us from moving towards the exact goal that is right for us.

After going to school for animation, I realized that a commercial job at a studio was not aligned with the goals I had in life. I wanted a freedom lifestyle and one that gave me complete control over when and how I get to be creative.

I personally had huge blocks that prevented me from feeling like I was allowed to charge for arresting work. With the help of Denise, I have successfully overcome my first set of hurdles in my business.

Money Mindset Mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas

“Get Rich Lucky Bitch” Book


Rated 4/4
Highly Recommend!

I got this book for free with amazon unlimited program, but I plan on buying her other books when I work through the process of this book!




Denise is fun and Australian! She has got quite the story and is very honest in her journey of discovering her amazing manifesting powers. I love that I found this exactly at the moment when I needed it most. She reminds you that these thoughts come no matter where you are in the journey. I’ve already read through it once for a general overview of concepts and now I’m back into it from the beginning actually trying to take the steps she discusses.

Since reading the book for free and following all of her youtube videos, I have since become a Lucky Bee myself! I am now a part of her bootcamp and I am truly enjoying the material in the program. If I had delayed joining because of the cost I believe I would still reach my goals, but at a much slower rate.


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