Business cards || 7 Ways to Make Yours Stand Out

After analysis of my favorite business cards from around the web I narrowed down 7 techniques that will help you to create eye catching cards that will stand out amongst the competition. If you are in a field where you network publicly, business cards can come in handy. I am always intrigued by the methods used to attract attention. The following show examples of different techniques used to keep your cards in peoples wallets and out of the trash. My favorites ones are like pieces of art for your pocket.

1. Letter Pressed

Photographer Business Card
Letterpress Business Card
Gigi Business Card

2. Shape

Charleston Naturally Letterpress
White on White Lettra Paper
Circular Business Cards
Creartive Design Card

3. Metallic Elements

MeeCard Design
Metallic Silver Cards

4. Cut Outs

Cocktail Bar Business Card
HappyTree Business Card

5. Materials

Box Board Business Card
Inkd Business Card
Stainless Steel Business Card

6. Colored Edges

Sexy Business Card

7. Bold Color

Ribbons of Red

Merge Dynamic Card