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Passive Income Rocks Review


Rated 4/4
Highly Recommend!

I found out about Passive Income Rocks by Star Khechara through a wormhole of youtube video binge watching.


Star is also known as Miss Monetisation. You can find great advice for free by watching her youtube, signing up to her email list and reading her blog. This brilliant lady got me with her emails. One of the only ones that I have been excited to read because I know it won’t be junk for the sake of sending out an email. I felt like I HAD to buy this course.

I love that she limits the availability to get the course.

As of this moment there is still time to sign up. I also love the course. The Passive Income Rocks Course has seven different modules, but what I didn’t know she was doing was including other courses as well. That is what is so great about Star. She loves to over deliver and she taught me the meaning of “If this is free I can’t wait to see what the paid stuff looks like.”

I have watched nearly all of the courses and have not been disappointed in the least. I will refer back to them as I create my own passive income products, as I was doing today.


Star Khechara

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