Returning to the 3D World after 5 Years

Why I Started A Blog 5 Years Ago

Travel back in time with me… Lets go 5 years back to a city called Littleton, Colorado. I had just graduated Ringling College of Art + Design in the Computer Animation Program. I didn’t know what I wanted to specialize in since they teach you everything and then it’s up to you to discover what you love to do and to master that area and hopefully become an expert who will then get a job doing exactly that. Well as it turns out for someone like me who is interested in figuring out how it all works together, it wasn’t easy to master one thing in particular.

Figuring out what you love to do

The thing I could stay awake at night thinking about was Modeling. At the time I was worried that the need for modelers would diminish because of Zbrush. You can really knock out amazing things in that program. So my fear held me back and while I maintained my former version of this blog for 8 months. I enjoyed it and loved learning about anything I could imagine. But, I eventually left it hanging in the internet to rot.

The Blog 5 Years Later

The surprise was that as I looked back at it and found that it didn’t sit there, untouched. Between the blog and the youtube I had almost 80,000 views.


People actually found my blog, despite a lack of alt text and using Blogger as a platform. Some people wanted my content and they found me! Recently, I decided to live in a way that I am my only competition. So it really doesn’t matter how I model or if it is the industry standard in 2016 to do it this way. It is for my enjoyment and also my unique brain. Because I follow my own path of learning it means that I have no way to fail! Yay! So I have to do it….

3D Modeling in The Way that Feels Best to You

In my dog modeling tutorial, you can see that I tried a technique that isn’t popular. There is a face-to-face or poly-to-poly method that has similar characteristics. This one however is different in that you lay it out completely first. I hadn’t been shown this way, but I just wanted to try it and see if you even can do those steps first. I encourage you to do what feels good and makes sense for you.

Anyone in the 3D community can always guide me towards an easier way. Sometimes I just like the process of manually moving verts and doing it in a kind of tedious very hand on intentional way. It’s like a meditation when you get deep into it!


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