SEO: How to Create Unique Post Titles for Blogger Users

How to Create Titles for Individual Pages

Google suggests using specific titles for each page of your website! Now think, are you doing this?
If not you should DO IT.. now! Or at least after you read this post.

These titles should be Brief, Accurate, and descriptive. If you use blogger than this is very easy to do. It could literally take a minute or two and do wonders for your SEO! Heres how:

  • Blogger>Dashboard>Design>Edit HTML
  • Now press the command key & F to search for “<title>”
  • This should take you to your templates title tag
  • Mine looks like this:
    • <title>Do it Tut it :: Art + Design + Inspiration + Tutorials</title>
  • I change it to this:
    • <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>
    •     <title>Do it Tut it :: Art + Design + Inspiration + Tutorials</title>
    • <b:else/>
    • <title><data:blog.pageName/>  ::  DOitTUTit</title>
    • </b:if>
  • So what you can do is take your current title code and paste it where mine is in the above code.
  • Replace the short blog name with your own.
Tada! Easy SEO.. you have no excuse not to do it.   🙂

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