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amaliasdesign SEO checklist

My first post on this topic wasn’t very clear. This post will be an easy check list to compare your title and description tags to, or to help you write them to begin with.

Title Tag Checklist

  • Only 60-70 characters in length (so it doesn’t get cut off in google)
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word (easier for searchers to pick up on keywords)
  • Does it accurately, but briefly describe what your site is about?
  • Does it look easy to read at a glance?
  • Do you use unique titles for each page?


Which of these is easier to read at a glance:
             “Pictures of our new born baby boy, kenny.”
             “Pictures of Kenny – Our New Baby Boy”

Description Meta Tag Checklist

  • 2-3 Sentences Long
  • Place the most relevant information at the front of the desc
  • Include the most important data: dates, names, price, etc. (This does not have to come in sentence form)
  • Describe what the site is & do not list keywords (it might not be displayed by google)
  • Don’t duplicate information contained in the title
  • Do not repeat info within the description
  • Make it easy to read (you can capitalize important words)
  • Make it unique for the content of each page when possible

Here’s a screenshot of mine:

I’m working on writing posts that are easier to read. View the sources of information contained in this post here in the old version… What To Do With Meta Tags
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