Social Media Marketing: Facebook & Twitter

Level: Beginner

There is a lot that can be said about social media marketing. I’m doing this blog for the purpose of learning, but it’s much more fun to share and connect with people as I go! The best short description I could find to describe Social Media Marketing, is this:

“A way for organizations to follow and connect with their targeted markets.” – wikipedia

…Don’t we all want that?

Tips on Starting with Twitter

– Tweet with links!
-Have content worth sharing
-Follow the people who are similar to what you would like to become & see what things they tweet.
-Interact with others!
-Consider what your followers are interested in & tweet about general common topics of interest.

Tips on Starting with Facebook

-make your page your own
-provide easy access to links to your external site or twitter

…I have to learn more! Thats all I know for now.

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