Do you dream of finding your passion? Blogging has created so many opportunities for the people who are bold enough to give it a go. If you’ve ever been curious about starting a blog, I encourage you to follow your instinct and explore that side of yourself.

Find Your Dream Job By Blogging

It’s not exactly for everyone, despite my overwhelming belief that everyone and their mom needs a blog. Chances are if you like to read blogs, you will enjoy writing one.

If you have content to share and sell, start a blog. If you like social media and sharing your thoughts with the world, start a blog. If you don’t know if you’ll like it try sharing the thought on a online space you are already a part of.

Try making a status on Facebook around your favorite topic and see if it brings you joy to share your knowledge and interests with others.

Natalie Saur

Amalia did an awesome job putting together the website for our dance troupe. She is easy to work with and makes the process quick and stress free. Our website looks awesome and we have received many compliments and comments on how easy it is to navigate. I will definitely refer my friends and family to Amalia for all of their website needs.

Natalie Saur
Stacey & Shad Randall

Amalia is such an amazing person to work with. She is very talented and goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. She is never scared to go outside of the box to come up with amazing ideas. She is very detail oriented and takes  pride in her work. You can come to Amalia with an idea and she will take it from there. We highly recommend her for any of your ideas.” 

Stacey & Shad RandallRandall Construction
it can be done fully raw kristina
Evan Carmichael
  • Find the right platform to share your work

  • Learn techniques to make you more visible

  • Make money doing what you love!

What I Did WRONG (and how to do it right)

I started on blogger. People often ask me to help them with their website. My heart sinks when I find out they went with squarespace or wix. When I first started, on May 2011 I began with a free blogging platform. Back in June 2016 is when I finally made the leap to a paid hosted wordpress. I started out with because I thought I could get away with being a blogger on a free platform and make money. You can and I did make money with a free website, but as soon as I started taking myself seriously I knew I needed a wordpress so that I could control my Search Engine Optimization. My traffic is amazing these days. I have total control over how I optimize my website and I get thousands of views without doing any work!

The Cost of Doing it Right

Recently, I decided to quit drinking coffee. It made me realize something. A bag of Signature Albertsons brand coffee (the kind I’ve been drinking at home) costs $6.99 /bag. The exact monthly price of a wordpress website!

Before quitting my job as a bank teller, I had started the process of building a blog 4 years earlier. So I had 4 years of traffic to help me judge if I thought I could monetize it. I have a section on my website that can help you get ideas about your passions and how you can start the process for yourself. If one of your dreams is to someday work from home, check it out!

quit coffee live your dream

There’s this thing going around called a side hustle. It means working on the side of your regular job to start building an empire that will allow you to someday quit. And it sounds hard. I like to think of it as a seed that you plant. A blog can be developed over time. It grows along with your interests and can help you figure out your true passion by showing you what you continuously desire to write about. You can also build passive income products into it. Affiliate links can earn a little side cash. Granted it all takes time, but is an investment in yourself! Plus it’s just fun.