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Character Design: The Details

amaliasdesign Character Development

When developing a character it’s easy to be blind sighted to the everyday little details that make people unique. When you get sucked into the world of creating and forget that the real world has some guidelines already set up for you. That is why I am making a list of things for you to compare your designs against to see if the visuals match the personality you aim to portray or to get you thinking.

1. Hairstyles:
Men and recieding hairlines,
Women and bangs.
How do they part their hair?
Hair accessories
modern ways or outdated ways

2. Men’s ties… Skinny knot or big strong powerful double winsor knot
Colorful and outgoing
Classic or retro
Festive or expressive
How they behave at work or at events

3. Women’s jewelry.. Is the person the type to take time to put on jewelry? Can they sleep in the jewelry? What type of woman wears a watch? Is it expensive or cheap. Does that matter to them. Do they wear it for themselves or to show off to others. Is there sentimental reason?

4. Fit of clothing:
Do they know how to dress?
Are they hiding their body.
Do they try but not succeed.
Too tight. Boxy. Baggy. Revealing. Modest. Loose/gain weight.

5. Would they really wear that color?

6. How do they keep their clothes? Hung on plastic hangers? Wire? On the floor? In the dresser? When do they get dressed? Do they wear and wash or wear and wear then wash.