Youtube Songs & Tracks That Don’t Suck (too much)

You’ve got that youtube video made. Now we just want a decent track to throw on top. I’m here to save you time and will list a few tracks that aren’t so bad. Trust me, I wish I could say they were good. They are free and ad-supported tracks so it’s as good as it gets.


  1. “To the ends of the earth” – Emotion: 
  2. “Destiny Day” – Emotion: 
  3. Cielo – 
  4. Vacation Uke – 
  5. Albany New York by The 126ers 
  6. Hounds

Disney Emoji Blitz vs. Super Mario Party

Disney Emoji Blitz app comparison to Mario Party

So this is the new Disney app…

Man did I get some flashbacks to this… They even have the question mark blocks!


What is it about that very unnatural sounding noise that makes you want to play a game for hours? Hmm…

Music Inspiration – Instant Passion and Motivation

Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 Musical Inspiration

One of my favorites. It is definitely familiar to many people so I don’t exactly recommend using it directly in your piece. I feel like when you do and you don’t have something heart wrenchingly dramatic it actually takes away from what you created because of the level of amazing that it stands at. I used it once in a mash up of a video for a class that I made about passion. That featured Lady GaGa and clips from the Cove documentary about killing dolphins. That may have been horrible of me, but I still remember it as being a magical combination.


Have fun with it!

Developing Characters with dimension

amalias design song inspiration

The song “Danse Macabre” by Camille Saint-Saëns, has been brought back this year in interesting ways: the Jameson Hawk Commercial and in a Grimm Television Series episode. I was listening to the song today and remembered how helpful a good classical song can be when developing a character or story concept. When you’re stuck to an idea and find that you have trouble coming up with interesting character traits or plots, songs like this one can help!

That is the song. So if you listen to it and you close your eyes and NOW try to come up with a character….

It has a very eerie quality but also something very majestical. It’s eerie because of the clash of these two unexpected musical traits that come to result in a very interesting musical piece. Which is the same as mixing quirky traits together to create a compelling character or narrative.

Because of the balance and imbalance of soft, soothing, beautiful, dramatic, long, short, tense, etc.. you can allow your brain to run wild with a bunch of ideas.

Here are some words I think of as I listen to it: morning, bothered, revenge, witty, fooled, rich, troubled, outcast, desperate house wife, christmas, murder, meticulous, determined, hard working, super star, unimpressed, masterful, flowers, summer, airy, dreamy, ideal, perfect, unhappy, pleased, change, smiling, smirking, drowning, sinking, okay, controlled chaos, skilled, triumphant, hero, later on, alone, & together.

By simply listening to music you can nudge your mind away from a one note character. Now if you know the history of the song it’s about “Death” who calls the dead to rise from their graves at midnight on Halloween to dance on their graves. The nature of the song is going to possibly influence your mind to lean towards certain ideas over others.

The reason that modern music usually doesn’t work as well is because there has sort of become a formula for what the format of a song should be. This can be easily seen if you look up the lyrics to the song you like. The repetition of the chorus is not something classical music tends to do. Of course, I don’t know anything about musical composition. There are some artists who don’t follow a pattern and those are generally the artists that really impress me. Also, modern music tends to be something that we listen to in the background while doing other things. For this reason, it is not quite as easy to find uncommon character traits because we can easily imagine the character going about a normal day to the pace of the song.

Quickly I will throw out some names of song artists who might work: Yo-Yo Ma, Andrew Bird, Yann Tiersen, Sigur Ros, Jonsi, Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, Ben Folds, Muse, Avenge Sevenfold, …

Let me know what songs inspire you!

Successful Advertising: Art of the Jingle

Lately I’ve been seeing some advertising that I just can’t get out of my head. Since I’ve also been seeing some really BAD commercials thought it was time to write a little post about some ads that have been successful thanks to the all-mighty, powerful jingle!

Simply Great Jingles

You know an advertisement’s Jingle has done it’s job when you’re husband turns to you and says, “Babe, do you know that you’re singing about a hot dog right now?” Mhmm..

How else in the world would you know the number by heart of JG Wentworth?

Even though you might laugh, it is much more memorable then those ones with the graduates talking about how much more money they make than you do because of their education.

Or when your ad is so fun to say that people say it repeatedly for free.