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Why I am Saying Goodbye to Self Help Books

As a personal growth junkie, I have enjoyed many self help books over the years. I still love them and love reading, but after starting by business I began to realize a few things about them.

The comfortable distraction factor

Often when facing a time in life that involves important action to be taken, the comfortable thing to do is prepare. Preparing, planning, and reading self help books on the topic can be fine. Up until a certain point. With the availability of options to choose from it can easily transition from prep & planning, to reading and then to inaction.


Building Confidence through Practice

The next time you look at a self help book, see if you can identify your end goal within the title. If you are able to do so, these are the books to avoid. For example, “Get Clutter Free for Life” is a title that states a single goal. If you have never read a book on the topic, give it a go. However, I have collected many of these books and even audio books, but usually don’t take action. It’s because it feels like you are working on it by reading about it!

So here are some action steps for you:

  • Recognize the title as a self help book
  • Identify the goal in the title as a singular objective
  • Make a note of your focus and write down your new goal
  • Leave a visible note in a place where you can take action

I just want to specify that I am all about the books, baby. But when you love reading sometimes it can go to far. Personally, I need to stop reading the konmari books and get to working on it.


What are some books you have read lately? Did you implement the info into your life?

Leave a comment and let me know!