Amazing Sculptors: Sunti Pichetchaiyakul


I have always admired amazingly talented sculptors. In Grand Rapids, Michigan they hold the Art Prize each year. This year, there is a genius sculptor named Sunti Pichetchaiyakul. He specializes in hyper realistic sculpture.

The image below is a picture of Sunti in center in the art prize hat. Behind him, to his right is his fiberglass/resin sculpture of President Gerald Ford. To the right of that, is a second bronze sculpture of his.

Here is a cool youtube video to introduce you to this very talented man!

He also does ridiculously good quick sculpts!

I find his work really inspiring! It makes me want to go buy some clay & play. On his website Sunti talks about the challenges of life size sculptures and making them look realistic under any lighting circumstances, from any distance. He prefers to work from live models and says that photographs can be misleading. He also says that art should enhance the beauty of the individual being sculpted and that he now expresses his artistic license in making small improvements to emphasize qualities that are admired in the individual.

Here are a few more pictures, but I encourage you to check out these other links for more work and information on Sunti.

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