Time Management: Making the Most Out of your Down Time

How much time do you spend watching TV when you relax? Do you tune out completely when the commercials come on?

Back in college I took a concept class. In the class we learned about story telling and how to create animatics that communicated the stories we created in the best possible way. One day we were assigned to create a 30 second commercial for a product that doesn’t currently exist (so one we made up). It sounds easy at first, but what you quickly realize is how difficult it is to introduce a new concept to an audience, get them to understand it, and do it all in 30 seconds.

From that project on I started paying very close attention to the commercials I was watching. I realized just how much time I had been wasting by not paying attention to the lessons within the TV I had been watching, including commercials!

Whether you’re an animator, designer, or even a business person there are always lessons that can be extracted from television. I find it very interesting how many people talk about watching TV as a waste of time. So I thought I would talk about some of the shows I watch and the things I learn from them.

Here are some of the shows that I watch in categories of what I feel you can gain from it:

Sweet Genius
Iron Chef
Cupcake Wars
Project Runway/Accessory

Mad Fashion
Work of Art
Sons of Guns
American Chopper

Rachel Zoe Project
Millionaire Matchmaker
Gold Rush
Bar Rescue
Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

Pawn Stars

American Pickers
Storage Wars

New Girl
The Office
Modern Family